ADDRESSABLE: no other UK property data set comes close

It sounds crazy, but there’s no complete set of UK property data. Basing your market analysis solely on postal delivery addresses means you’re missing out on a lot of information. You need ADDRESSABLE: the ultimate launch platform for detailed property analytics.

ADDRESSABLE pulls together every key data source: addresses, ownership, valuation, construction, environmental risk, utilities and more. View the data from any angle, then focus on your next move.

Pulls together multi-source property data like never before

Connects, cleans and normalises the data without throwing anything away

(reduces data wastage by 20%)

Presents as a complete, objective set for any-angle analysis

Why do you need ADDRESSABLE?

It’s the most complete view of UK property data available

We join datasets together using the widest coverage: more connections than anyone else

All data is retained, don’t miss out on any insights

Data is cleansed, normalised and joined together

Allows for viewing from any angle

Completely objective view: no fuzzy metrics or AI output

Harness your data: arrange a call or demo

You make valuable data decisions in commercial real estate, financial services, investment, law, logistics or utilities. Speak to our team, and discover how our solutions can give you the advantage.