It’s time to make your property data work harder.

You need a smarter view of the property data landscape to make killer decisions.

Trouble is, the data you need is all over the place: PDFs, articles, public databases, 3rd party sets…

This disparity means you’re missing out on crucial insights. It’s time to harness your data.

We're HARNESS, the data enablers.

We extract, sharpen and stitch property data together like never before. Our solutions remove any guesswork, so your decisions are based on relevant data that was previously hidden away.

We do this for innovators in commercial real estate, financial services, investment, logistics, law and utilities, who have high-value data sets which underpin their vital judgements.

By unlocking their data and enhancing it with access to the UK’s most complete property data set, we turn it into pure potential.

Solutions that inform your decisions

Extract data in the most efficient, intelligent way. Match addresses in the most accurate way. Enjoy access to the UK’s most complete property data set. Whatever decision you need to make, we’ve a solution to match.

Data Fabric:

No other UK property data set comes close

Data Fabric is the most complete set of UK location and address data, more connected and effective than ever before. It’s your launch platform for ultimate PropData analysis. Profile and segment the data landscape from any angle, and drive more informed decisions with the insights you reveal.


Next generation data extraction

Automated, smart extraction and structuring in seconds: any document format, any quantity.

Turns PDFs into accessible data, saving you time, money and resources.

PPSM Data:

The latest price per square metre data. 20 million lines of it, free.

20 million+ lines of price per square metre (PPSM) data for real estate assets across England and Wales, downloadable for free.


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