The trusted source for real-time insurance data.

Insurance decisions are driven on data, insufficient or inaccurate data can adversely affect those decisions

Eliminate the risk of poor data.

Extract data from broker presentations

Score and rate extracted data against risk appetite.

Address and company match as part of the process

Pull in peril data and commercial credit data to extend your view of the overall risk

Significantly cut your underwriting time

Harness your data

With HARNESS Data Intelligence, we save time, reduce errors, improve consistency and increase compliance.

The data you have is an incredible asset, so why not put it to use?

Extract data in the most efficient, intelligent way. Match addresses in the most accurate way. Enjoy access to the UK’s most complete property data set. Whatever decision you need to make, we’ve a solution to match.

Cross reference proposal data regarding company, location, history and officers as part of your fraud prevention process.

Increase GWP by underwriting the most profitable risks before your competitors

Underwrite premiums to ideally matches your risk appetite

Utilise more data, more accurately to reduce risk and improve loss ratios.

Utilise up to 30% data, from current providers

Reduce drop out by using Addressable to auto form fill based on a limited number of questions

Our Solutions


Next generation data extraction

Automated, smart extraction and structuring in seconds: any document format, any quantity.

Turns PDFs into accessible data, saving you time, money and resources.


No other UK property data set comes close

Addressable is the most complete set of UK location and address data, more connected and effective than ever before. It’s your launch platform for ultimate PropData analysis. Profile and segment the data landscape from any angle, and drive more informed decisions with the insights you reveal.

PPSM Data:

The latest price per square metre data. 16 million lines of it, free.

Using next-generation data linking algorithms, we have successfully connected four OGL data sources with unrivaled accuracy and near-zero wastage, covering commercial and residential assets across England and Wales.

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